Nine die in Covid outbreak at nursing home, a week after first jab was administered there

Nine residents have died during an outbreak of Covid-19 at a HSE run residential centre which occurred just a week after the first jabs of the vaccines were administered.

The HSE in a statement said ‘all eligible residents and staff’ had already had the first jab.

It also pointed out that there is still a chance of getting Covid-19 even if you have the vaccine.

It is not yet confirmed whether all nine residents who died had contracted Covid-19.

Neither is it clear whether any of the affected residents had received their second dose of the vaccine.

The outbreak occurred in the HSE-run St Joseph’s Community Nursing Home Unit in Trim on January 20, where 25 residents tested positive.

A statement from the HSE said: ” The first Covid-19 vaccine clinic was held in St Joseph’s Community Nursing Home Unit Trim, on January 12 and 13 last. All eligible residents and staff received the first dose.

The second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was delivered on February 2 to the staff and residents who were eligible to receive it. An Outbreak of Covid-19 was declared at the Community Nursing Unit on January 20.”

Twenty five residents tested Positive for Covid-19 and nine residents sadly passed away
during the course of the outbreak.
In respect of the vaccine. After having both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, most people will have immunity. This means they will be protected against Covid-19. It takes seven days after getting the second dose for it to work. There is a chance you might still get Covid-19, even if you have the vaccine. Nursing Home Management communicate with residents and/ or their next of kin through a number of channels on a regular basis

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