30-year-old British man paralyzed from chest down 3 weeks after the Pfizer vaccine

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SWINDON, SOUTH WEST ENGLAND — Mr. Tim Berry loves his girlfriend, Rebecca. His dog Rupert, his job, the outdoors, motorcycles, and bicycles make up the rest of his existence. He’s a simple, humble guy who appreciates the little things life has to offer. But now he is forced to re-evaluate everything he once knew and figure out a new path forward.

Mr. Berry is not a big social media guy. He joined Facebook in December 2016. Since that time he has posted publicly just seven times.

His Instagram only dates back to July 2019. Most of his IG posts feature Rupert, motorcycles and various tools he apparently likes playing with in the course of his duties as a build manager (foreman).

Mr. Berry got sick in early November with “COVID-19.” He thanked Rebecca for being there at his side through it all.

His November 27 Instagram post reflects on his age 30 year (2021), and how he appreciates his self-awareness and wisdom gained with age.

But 2022 is The Great Reset, literally and figuratively, for Mr. Berry, who is now faced with circumstances he never dreamed possible just seven weeks ago.
“Count your blessings”

Mr. Berry received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on January 7, 2022. We reached out to find out his reasons and motivations to receive the shot.

I had the vaccine because my family had COVID and I missed 20 days of work,” he told The COVID Blog™. “It caused a financial struggle, and I felt I needed the vaccine to prevent being off work any longer. There was no mandate. I just decided myself that I should do that.

Just one week after the injection, Mr. Berry reported “tingling in his legs” and also having difficulty with bowel movements. He was in the hospital at least five times from January 15 to 24. But all the scans and tests told him nothing. By January 25, he could only walk with crutches. He was using a mobility scooter by Friday, January 28. The last two days of January are when he knew his life was altered forever.

“[I was] falling over at home trying to stand, couldn’t use the toilet etc., fell over, shit myself, had to be cleaned and picked up by [Rebecca].”

Mr. Berry was “paralyzed below the nipple line” by February 1. Doctors have been completely useless, telling him that his problem was a combination of having COVID in the fall, and then the vaccine. He’s on steroids and has had blood transfusions, but nothing helps. In less than three weeks, a healthy, 30-year-old man went from working construction sites, hiking, etc. to being paralyzed and unable to use the bathroom on his own.

“This isn’t a anti vaccine post it’s a don’t ever take anything for granted post! You don’t know you’ll wake up as you are today, tomorrow! Count your blessings, make the choices that make you happy.”

Mr. Berry takes full responsibility for the choice he made and blames nobody but himself. His primary concern, knowing he’s unlikely to ever walk again, is to maintain the sense of touch in his hands so he can touch and feel his girlfriend.

Ultimately Mr. Berry was diagnosed with a non-traumatic T1 spinal cord injury. Essentially the mRNA injection poisoned the first thoracic vertebra, the upper-most bone on the spinal column before the neck bones. That, or blood clots stopped blood flow to that area, killing the tissue.

That area of the spinal cord controls everything from walking and bowel movements, to the sense of touch, including sexual sensation. Non-traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs) make up only 16% of said injuries every year. Most of those are caused by cancer, infections or disk degeneration, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Mr. Berry is concerned about how quickly the condition developed and spread. He can talk, move his head, and “stiffly” move his arms and fingers. But neither he nor doctors know if he’ll eventually just be a conscious mind in a body that cannot move at all.

As of now, he’s trying to preserve whatever movement he has left, and can even joke about it a little.

His latest IG update as of publishing says that his arm and hand movements are getting stiffer and more difficult everyday. He also called the possibility of him waking up one day and having his pre-Pfizer life back “a pipe dream.”

Mr. Berry has been communicating with The COVID Blog™ via voice recordings since he has trouble typing. Despite everything, you can still hear positivity in his voice.

My outlook is good. I get to be with my best friends all day long,” he said. “Yes things look different, there’s a different path than normal now. But at some point [this condition] will plateau and stop progressing. But until then, I’ll just take it a day at a time.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds to help Mr. Berry with mobility and medical expenses.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2022/02/28/tim-berry-30-year-old-british-man-suffers-severe-post-pfizer-spinal-cord-deterioration-paralyzed-from-chest-down-three-weeks-after-the-injection/


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