Greece: 65-year-old woman dead 30 minutes after AstraZeneca shot

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ILION, WEST ATHENS — AstraZeneca crimes against humanity continue as another victim dies in Europe shortly after the shot.

A 65-year-old woman received the first dose of the AstraZeneca viral vector shot at the Ilion Health Centre on or around March 29, according to Skai News in Piraeus, Greece. She waited the customary 20 minutes to ensure there were no immediate side effects.

The woman, who was not identified by Skai, walked out of the building to go about her day. She was found unresponsive in the parking lot ten minutes later. Medical personnel took her back into the health centre for first aid. But she was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Skai News deflected attention from the experimental shot by pointing out the woman had diabetes. Meanwhile, the Greek National Vaccination Committee said it is “too early to draw any conclusions” as to the cause of death.

The Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA shots make up a majority of “vaccines” in Greece. AstraZeneca is second, followed by Moderna. Greece is one of of few nations that continued administering AstraZeneca shots despite reports of blood clots and deaths.

Tourism accounts for nearly 25% of the country’s gross domestic product, according to But that industry has ground to a halt since the COVID-19 era commenced. Tourism Minister Harry Theoharris said the country plans to reopen tourism on May 14. But he also hinted at digital certificates being required.

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