Vaxxed 18-year-old girl dies of Covid-19 in Thanjavur

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CHENNAI: An 18-year-old girl, who was double vaccinated and had no comorbid conditions, died due to Covid-19 in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. The death comes after no fatalities were reported in the state due to Covid-19 for 90 days. While the cumulative death tally was revised to 38,026, fresh cases in Tamil Nadu rose by nearly 43% to 476 on Wednesday, compared to 332 on Tuesday.

The girl was admitted to Thanjavur Medical College Hospital with complaints of fever and cough at 7.15am on Tuesday. Tests showed that she had severe Covid that had infected her lungs. By 2.30pm doctors declared her dead.

Doctors have been asked to study the cause of death in detail. The girl was vaccinated and had no comorbid conditions. Her only complaint was cough for a long duration,” said health secretary P Senthil Kumar. Samples drawn from the patient will be sent for whole genome sequencing, he said.

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