Hong Kong: 12 dead and four miscarriages in one week following COVID-19 injections

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The Standard, Hong Kong’s biggest circulation English daily newspaper, is reporting that 12 people have died, and 4 women have had miscarriages following COVID-19 shots just in the past week.

For the past week between May 24 and 30, 12 more people died at public hospitals after receiving the Covid vaccines, along with four women who suffered from miscarriages, according to the Hospital Authority.

The Hospital Authority said six of the 12 cases were hospitalized patients while the rest passed away in the emergency department.

With the additional miscarriage cases, Hong Kong has now seen 23 miscarriage cases after vaccination.

From February 26, when the city’s vaccination campaign started, until last Sunday, the city recorded 80 deaths following vaccinations.

Sounds like a national catastrophe! So how are they convincing people to continue getting these injections??

Aparently, by using the now familiar slight of hand in controlling the COVID-19 “virus” death rates in comparison, to make it look like the vaccine is actually effective.

Official data shows 0.58 deaths were recorded for every 10,000 people among the inoculated group, while the figure was 19.06 for non-inoculated people.

That conditions the public to accept the deaths and injuries caused by the bioweapon shots.

Meanwhile, in the vaccinated population, authorities have so far recorded 244 cases of strokes, 90 cases of heart attacks.

Read the full article at The Standard.

Fonte articolo: https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/hong-kong-12-dead-four-miscarriages-in-one-week-following-covid-19-injections/


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