54-year-old triple-vaxxed woman diagnosed with pericarditis

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BRISBANE — A 54-year-old long-time television personality is living in complete denial, while remaining loyal and dedicated to the Church of Pfizer.

Ms. Tracey Spicer began her broadcasting career in the late 1980s. She was a newsreader at Network Ten from 1992 to 2006. Ms. Spicer moved to Sky News from 2007 to 2015. She was embroiled in controversy when her ABC (Australia) #MeToo television series called Silence No More was released in 2019. ABC and Ms. Spicer revealed the identities of several women who believed they were providing accounts of sexual assault anonymously. ABC apologized, but aired the show anyway. Ms. Spicer threatened to sue some of the women who complained about their identities being revealed.

Childhood vaccination has been one of Ms. Spicer’s pet projects since at least 2011. Ironically she was also appointed “Aspect Ambassador” for Autism Spectrum Australia in 2015. Today, according to her website, she is a speech trainer, writer and does speaking engagements. But her life has been very different since the New Year.

Deteriorating health and denial

It’s unclear when Ms. Spicer received her first injection. But the second one came on June 28, according to her Twitter posts. Her vaxx on camera caption reads, “it is important for us to stand together against anti-vaxxers.

Ms. Spicer advocated for setting up vaccine clinics in shopping malls to lure more women to the injections in July 2021.

She received her booster shotas soon as they would allow,” on December 22, 2021. One week later, she was sick.

She tested positive for so-called COVID-19 on January 2. “I’m still sick as a dog, she wrote on January 6. “But I’m grateful that being vaccinated means I’m less likely to go to the hospital.

Ms. Spicer blames her illness on the booster not “kicking in” fast enough.

She then cheered on one of her friends who was “desperate to get my booster.”

Ms. Spicer was still sick two months later. But she continued praising the holy vaxx. “You are much more likely to develop heart problems after contracting the COVID-19 virus than you are from the vaccines,she tweeted on March 10.

A March 18 Instagram post said she suffers from “debilitating fatigue and heart problems.” She now blamed “long COVID” and repeated that her issues arose from receiving the booster too late. “Stay up-to-date with your vaccinations,” she wrote.

Ms. Spicer spoke to News.com Australia on April 15. She reported being bedridden for two weeks in January. Thereafter she developed bladder inflammation. Ms. Spicer revealed that she has pericarditis, which makes it hard for her to walk or even get out of bed. She also reported severe chest pains that landed her in the hospital because she thought she was having a heart attack. Ms. Spicer said she can no longer exercise or take walks with friends. Despite all the foregoing, Ms. Spicer still blames this on “long COVID.”

Yesterday, Ms. Spicer continued her “long COVID” narrative, posting an image on Instagram explaining said condition.

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