YouTuber Jessica Krock diagnosed with post-injection Stage III ovarian cancer

T. LOUIS, MISSOURI — A 36-year-old YouTuber has an uncertain future after what appears to be yet another post-injection cancer diagnosis.

Mrs. Jessica Krock is one half of the YouTube duo known as Krocks in the Kitchen. Her husband, Brian, is the other half. The channel was created in January 2019. They currently have 92,400 subscribers, along with 12,000 and 28,000 Facebook and Instagram followers, respectively. The couple is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Krocks are not millionaire YouTubers by any means. The channel averaged about 90,000 views per month from January 2022 to May 2022. That equates to modest ad revenue. They are also Amazon Associates, and earn commissions from qualifying purchases from viewers. Mr. Krock, 39, is a producer at CBS Radio and Lineup Media Group, according to his LinkedIn Page. He also has a separate podcast. Mrs. Krock is listed as a co-leader for a community organization called Plant Powered St. Louis.

Weight loss leads to YouTube channel

The Krocks met in 2006 via MySpace, according to their website. They married in November 2011. But their life together reached a crossroads in June 2018. Mr. Krock weighed 514 pounds. Mrs. Krock weighed 285 pounds. Brian was so overweight that he feared his life would be cut short. The couple went on a diet of only eating potatoes for two weeks. They also adopted a “whole food, plant-based diet.”

Nine months later, on March 31, 2019, the couple had lost a combined 224 pounds. The video update on YouTube, which was the first on the Krocks in the Kitchen channel, has garnered 482,000 views as of publishing. It is their most successful video to date.

Their second-most watched video (348,000 views as of publishing) came on June 26, 2020. The Krocks reported their two-year weight loss at a combined 335 pounds.

The rest of their videos and blog posts are vegan recipes and commentary about their everyday lives.

COVID-19, vaccines and cancer

The Krocks reported via their Facebook page on September 5, 2021 that “Brian has COVID.” Of course in this day and age, the first question asked by several of their followers was “are you vaccinated?” The couple confirmed that they had in fact received the injections.

Mr. Krock reported a “slight fever” and a mild cough – essentially a cold. But the couple “quarantined” because that’s what they were told to do. They posted a follow-up video a few days later, regurgitating all the usual mainstream, fearmongering talking points. Mr. Krock confirmed again that he and his wife received the injections, encouraged their audience to receive the injections, and repeated the official Cult of COVID slogan, “I’m glad I’m vaccinated or it would have been worse.

Fans shared their own “vaccine and COVID-19” stories in the comments.

The Krocks’ lives changed forever about eight weeks ago. They published a video called “Something Is Wrong (Part I)” on June 8, 2022. It chronicled the happenings in Mrs. Krock’s life since early May. She’d been suffering from pain in her lower abdomen for several weeks.

Mrs. Krock underwent an ultrasound and managed the pain with ibuprofen. “I’m a little nervous about the ultrasound because of the images on the screen. There’s a lot going on there,” she said in the video. Later that day, the Krocks received the results of the ultrasound. Mrs. Krock, on May 25, 2022, talked about the possibility of needing a cyst removed from an ovary. She also spoke about how she and Mr. Krock contemplated having children in the past. But now that decision may be out of their hands not only because of the injections, but also the most recent news.

The video “Something Is Wrong (Part II)” was published on June 12. The commentary, however, starts on June 3, with the Krocks in the emergency room. Mrs. Krock reported a lot of pain and vomiting on the way to the hospital. She was given morphine for the pain, then somewhat admitted that the growth on her ovary was malignant.

Mrs. Krock underwent surgery to remove the growth that day. The procedure spanned more than three hours. Long story short (the video below is 38 minutes long), Mrs. Krock received her official cancer diagnosis after the surgery. But doctors did not tell her the exact type.

In true American medical industrial complex fashion, insurance coverage became a point of anxiety for the couple. They had to find a different doctor from the one who performed the surgery because coverage ran out. It was very bad timing as complications arose quickly.

Mrs. Krock suffered from hydronephrosis – swelling in the kidneys due to urine backup. It’s caused excruciating pain since the surgery, she said. Doctors officially diagnosed her with Stage III large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (ovarian cancer) on June 22. Mrs. Krock was also diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma. But doctors said most of the latter was removed via the surgery. A stent was placed on June 24. The Krocks are now hoping to freeze some of Jessica’s eggs so they can potentially conceive a child via in vitro fertilization in the future.

The last cancer-related update came via GoFundMe on July 3. Mrs. Krock indicated that she is in communication with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. If accepted by said hospital, she is expecting radiation, chemotherapy, and a hysterectomy for treatment. We’ll follow up in due course.

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