22-year-old woman suffers 94-straight days of vaginal bleeding after the Moderna vaccine

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FARR WEST, UTAH — A 22-year-old newlywed, Mormon and college student was living a charmed life of travel, love, God and youth. That is until she succumbed to dystopian mandates that likely changed her life forever.

She received her first Moderna mRNA injection April 16, according to her Instagram page. Mrs. Taylor posted a video, along with a written summary of said video, on April 27. The first three sentences twice say that she is not trying to discourage anyone from receiving the injections. Those sentences also emphasize that she is “not anti vacc.”

Mrs. Taylor reported heavy vaginal bleeding that began eight hours after the injection and persisted to that day. She is on birth control and hadn’t had a period for nine months prior to that. Mrs. Taylor reported suffering from blood clots prior to receiving the injection. Of course, blood clots are very common adverse reactions to the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. She also suffered from “crazy uterine and stomach pain” that is beyond anything she ever felt from routine menstrual cycles.

Mrs. Taylor voiced concern for her ability to procreate, and that she may develop cancer based on all the tests ran by doctors. She also got the reality check that all vaxxed people get when they go to the same doctors pushing the injections. “I thought I was crazy,” she said, after doctors refused to believe that the mRNA injection caused all of Mrs. Taylor’s problems. She “googled” her post-injection condition and cited several mainstream media sources that confirmed her condition was caused by the injection.

I wish I had known about this” prior to receiving the injection, she said.

Despite all that was happening, Mrs. Taylor tried living her life as normal. She and her husband got a dog in May and traveled to Las Vegas for her birthday in August. But later that month, on August 28, Mrs. Taylor reported having surgery. But she did not provide further details. The adverse effects from the mRNA injection persisted; and she’s apparently experienced little to no relief since April.

Mrs. Taylor, again, kept moving in life as if nothing was wrong. But frustrations boiled over in an October 5 update. She posted a photo of her vaccine card and started the post with “this vaccine isn’t dangerous, this mandate is dangerous.” Mrs. Taylor not only reported that an ingredient in the mRNA injection triggered her preexisting autoimmune disease, but also that the menstrual bleeding lasted 94-straight days before finally subsiding.

She implied that the only reason she received the injection was because of the University of Washington mandate. Mrs. Taylor repeated that doctors refuse to connect the obvious dots and denied her a medical exemption for the second injection. It’s unclear if she’s received a second shot. Mrs. Taylor also appears to be coming to grips with the fact that she is unlikely to ever have children.

She mentioned a GoFundMe page, but we could not find it. Mrs. Taylor posted a New Year’s Eve update recapping the year. Her favorite memory was getting married. Her biggest challenge was “being sick 8 [out of] 12 months this year.” Her last update as of writing was from January 8.

She’s, again, trying to live her life as normal. But she now knows that life will be full of challenges and uncertainty.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2022/01/10/madison-taylor-mormon-missionary-94-days-vaginal-bleeding-moderna/


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