South Dakota reports 2 deaths recorded after COVID-19 vaccinations

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) – Two South Dakotans died 24 hours after getting vaccinated for COVID-19, according to state health officials on Wednesday.

State Epidemiologist Joshua Clayton confirmed one person from Pennington County and another from Hutchinson County died after receiving their first doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

One person received who was vaccinated never tested positive for COVID-19 and the other previously had COVID-19 and recovered before getting their shot.

When working with medical providers and coroners involved with the two instances, COVID-19 or the vaccine wasn’t cited as the cause of death for either individual.

The two individuals are not listed as coronavirus deaths,” Clayton said.

The state is continuing to monitor for any other potential adverse reactions as vaccine rollout continues.

The new variant from the U.K. will most likely be the predominant strain in the U.S. in March. This strain has been found in 30 countries worldwide and more than 20 states, including states of Minnesota and Wyoming.

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