Bush Creates National Security Service: The New SS

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Bush Creates National Security Service: The New SS So-called “domestic terrorism,” militias, and other anti-government groups will be the target of a new federal agency called the National Security Service, or The SS, writes political analyst Al Martin, author of “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider.”

In his column called “Bush-Cheney Paranoia: ‘Domestic Terrorism’ & the National Security Service (The New SS),” Martin writes that the SS will be composed of FBI and CIA personnel who have had experience in the Domestic Terrorism Task Force. “The SS will have nothing to do with ‘international terrorism,’ but will be used against dissident groups within the United States,” according to his source in the FBI.“Concern comes out of the Office of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the Office of Internal Security, that not enough money can be quietly diverted from existing programs to expand the Civilian Inmate Labor Facility (CILF) program quickly enough,” Martin notes.

“The concern is that Bushonomics is creating many more millions of BOVOBs (Burned-Out Victims of Bushonomics) than can be potentially housed on federal lands,” Al Martin continues.

Martin’s source in the FBI said that “even the FBI, internally, uses the same language that former KGB General Primakov, a Department of Homeland Security advisor, did regarding Section 215 under Patriot II, when Primakov called for the establishment of an internal American gulag on federal lands. He said the FBI uses the same word – ‘gulag’.”

The new American SS will be used “to establish a whole new type of terrorism task force, but to rely more heavily on intelligence and get the CIA involved now that the CIA has expanded domestic intelligence powers through the National Intelligence Directorate, headed by John Negroponte.”

Martin believes that Negroponte is not as well suited for this position as CIA director Porter Goss, since “Porter Goss would be the more likely candidate given his extensive experience in the formation of CIA-controlled right-wing para-military groups in Central America during the 1980s. Porter Goss has actual experience in the repression of a civilian population. He is a lot more qualified than even Heinrich Himmler, whose only experience was raising chickens.”

“Now, this defacto ‘Gestapo,’ (and I can’t think of any other way to call this new National Security Service) would not be under the jurisdiction of NorthCom command,” Martin writes, “but would be actually under the jurisdiction of the National Intelligence Directorate.”

For the rest of this column, log on to Al Martin Raw.com for exclusive economic and political analysis Al Martin Raw.com (Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence)

AlMartinRaw.com: Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence (http://www.almartinraw.com)

* AL MARTIN is an independent economic-political analyst with 25 years of experience as a trader on NYMEX, CME, CBOT and CFTC. As a former contributor to the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, Al Martin is considered to be a source of independent analysis for financially sophisticated and market savvy investors.

After working as a broker on Wall Street, Al Martin was involved in the so-called “Iran Contra” Affair as a fundraiser for the Bush Cabal from the covert side of government aka the US Shadow Government.
His memoir, “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” (http://www.almartinraw.com) provides an unprecedented look at the frauds of the Bush Cabal during the Iran Contra era. His weekly column, “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway,” is published on Al Martin Raw.com

Al Martin’s new website “Insider Intelligence” (http://www.insiderintelligence.com) provides a long term macro-view of world markets and how they are affected by backroom realpolitik, as well as weekly market trading recommendations.

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