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“Look, dear! Don’t the chemtrails look lovely tonight…”
By John Kaminski

Oh, the gnashing of teeth, the beating of breasts, the wailings of woe.

Bush and the Republicans stole the election! Big surprise, eh? The neocon Nazis have done nothing but break the law since before they ever took office. You were expecting fair play from them, perchance?

Much as I admire many of my friends who are desperately trying to tell everyone that the exit polls matched the election results in all the states with a paper trail, but didn’t in states without one – suspiciously and substantially favoring Bush instead – they all are, to put it politely, whizzing into the wind. Perhaps they hope to find a prosecutor aspiring to career suicide, or maybe a judge who wishes to see his family killed in some kind of odd accident, an inexplicable plane crash, perhaps.. Of course, it is of some substantive concern that the American electoral process has been placed in the hands of partisan corporations, guaranteeing about as much integrity as typical government reports saying antidepressants are good for children, or the feds have no idea who committed the anthrax murders, or corporations should not be held liable for their lethal products because it’s bad for business.

Your vote didn’t count last time. Why would you expect it would now? And anyway, here’s a more important question.

How, in an election year where the central questions should have been about waging wars based on well-known lies and throwing away the lives of American soldiers chasing phantoms who don’t exist – as well as questioning the cynical coverup of the greatest crime in American history, which 3,000 Americans were murdered by these same phantoms …. how could these momentous questions be overshadowed on election day by a relatively irrelevant brouhaha about gay marriage?

In fact, it was because the loyal opposition chose not to mention these issues, but instead participated in the media coverup of these crimes, because in fact there is only one party in this country – the party of the banks. On that level this election was a complete sham. There was no real contest. So why are you so upset about the results of an election in which both candidates were saying the same thing? Hell, it’s only too appropriate the results were manipulated, given the insincere similarity of the candidates.

Evil electronic electioneering and deliberately distracting debates are not the top stories of this election. When all was said and done, your vote didn’t really matter because John Kerry essentially agreed with everything Bush had done during his capital-crime-plagued first term. (Capital crimes, as in treason and mass murder.) Kerry promised to INCREASE the war effort in Iraq. He accepts the reality of the cover story of Arab hijackers. He helped write the Patriot Act. Fifteen years ago, he helped cover up the BCCI scandal, another one of the great robberies in American history.

So, why are so many so upset that Republican vote-counting executives stole the election for Bush in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and God knows where else? We know having Kerry, Bush’s fraternity brother, in the White House would have made absolutely no difference in terms of government policy.

So why is everyone so upset that Kerry so quickly conceded, getting himself out that contrived dog-and-pony show as fast as possible? Why is anyone upset that Kerry lost? Nothing would have changed!

Why bother working to overturn an election when success would mean installing a candidate who would do nothing different from the man who won? Now that’s what I call a totally futile effort.

No, there is a bigger question than vote fraud, or the manipulation of public opinion by unscrupulous media corporations, or the fact that the two political parties are actually one, and that the loyal opposition seeks only to emulate the party in power rather than oppose it, which means it no longer has a chance of winning anything. The biggest question of all is about the caliber – and the sanity – of the American people.

The mask is off now.

The lies used to justify the continuing slaughter of innocent people in Iraq fester like an infected scab on the psyche of the American people, who have become so twisted in their pursuit of narcotized tranquility that they are now even cheering the deaths of their own children who come home in boxes we are not allowed to see. How much more insane can it get before blissful blackness will alleviate our misery?

If souls were faces, Americans would gaze into their bathroom mirrors each morning and see their rotting skin covered with oozing sores, putrescent pustules of their suicidal disease caused by their intransigent focus on tormenting trivialities, caused by their willing ignorance of their soldiers – their own children – raping Iraqi children, blowing Iraqi families to bits, then, as their deeds set into their curdled spirits, coming home and hanging themselves in the shattering silence of realizing their own horrified depravity.

Do you have a child in the military? Chances are fairly good – if he is still alive – he has become a murderer, or a rapist, or that he has become sickened to the point that his life is ruined, which means that your life is ruined, if you have any feelings at all.

This is America 2004. A willing blindness drapes the land like a shroud, where old men beat their war drums and young men say, “hey, this is really cool!” in the millisecond before they lose a limb to a land mine, or frag an unknown family into bleeding bits of twitching protoplasm.

Americans have not only lost their souls into insane religious practices, they’ve lost their brains as well. What other country on Earth can’t even keep track of its own voting process, that offers two candidates who are handpicked androids of the power elite, who both cheerily endorse senseless killing of people already oppressed by enemies invented by the very people who fight them?

I ask again: Do you have a child in the military?

Because if you don’t, you will soon. What will you do when your child is drafted into the military and sent to Iraq to kill innocent people for reasons that you know in your heart are lies?

Will you wave your flag, like most Americans do, just as you have dutifully cast your vote?

The election is over. It didn’t matter who won. What matters is that America has lost, and Americans eagerly helped her lose, just as Americans eagerly kill people all over the world for reasons that they know are lies. Since both candidates were pursuing the same policies in regard to making unjust war, in this election, Americans voted overwhelmingly – almost 100 percent – to kill their own children for reasons that they know are lies. And kill anyone else within convenient shooting distance.

Long live the empire. Let the killing continue.

Stop whining about the vote. You got exactly what you deserved. A homicidal liar with the weaponry – and the willingness – to kill everyone on the planet.

This is the new American dream, and it’s your worst nightmare.

You have only yourself to thank for not paying attention. Have a nice day.



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