Vaccinated pilot goes into cardiac arrest with 200 people onboard

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American Airlines Captain Robert Snow experienced a cardiac arrest inside the cockpit of Airbus 321 carrying nearly two hundred people – and the mainstream media is attempting to cover up the story.

Captain Snow is livid that America is mandating pilots to take the vaccine.

After all, what’s the benefit to vaccinating pilots? It’s not like the pilot is going to transmit COVID to the passengers. The chance of that happening is very close to zero.

Watch the interview on Stew Peters about American Airlines Captain Robert Snow who nearly died due to cardiac arrest after taking the COVID vaccine.

The media cover up of the story

What was really interesting to me is how successfully the mainstream media covered it up. No stories at all in mainstream media.

And nothing in a Google News search either. Not a single story.

DOD whistleblower Lt Col Theresa Long has brought forward staggering information that cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, spontaneous abortion, multi-system inflammatory disease, along with a multitude of other maladies, have increased from two million incidents prior to mandated vaccines to over twenty million in a twelve-month period, Vaxxfacts report.

Some, but not all, of these instances have occurred while the pilot is on the ground.

However, as in the case of Pilot Robert Snow, when these severe post-vaccination events occur mid-air (and it was only six minutes short of the pilot being at the controls before he collapsed), it puts the pilots, crew, and passengers in mortal peril.

Other incidents include Pilot Cody Flint, who suffered a blackout while flying and has no recollection of landing his aircraft, and has openly discussed the loss of his health and career post-vaccination.

US Freedom Flyers, a grassroots organization comprised of tens of thousands of pilots and others in the transportation industry, has been instrumental in bringing this egregious burying of information to the forefront.

World-renowned cardiac specialist Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., as well as other Global Covid Summit Doctors, have been alerted and are coming forward to discuss the ramifications of pilots flying post-injection of non-FDA-approved products.

Together, with US Freedom Flyers lead Joshua Yoder, they will be calling for immediate action to be taken by the airline industry to immediately halt all mandates, medically re-test all vaccinated pilots, and certify only those who can show clean EKGs and cardiac MRIs to prove heart health, and D-Dimer tests (to rule out clotting issues).

Furthermore, Yoder demands that no pilots are terminated without pay and benefits for a shot that has ruined their health given they were forced to choose between their job or the “Jab.”

Unfortunately, as it stands now, instead of ensuring the safety of the flying public as its mission dictates, the FAA, and the complicit airlines, are clearly playing a game of Russian Roulette with the lives of pilots, crews, and passengers.

NDR – E’ lo stesso pilota, in un video pubblicato su, a mettere in relazione il grave infarto con la vaccinazione a cui si è dovuto sottoporre per poter continuare a svolgere il suo lavoro.

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