Man suffering a seizure in car after being jabbed at drive-thru Covid Vaccine site

A shocking video which is circulating on social media shows a man suffering an adverse reaction in their car as people queue up in their cars to receive the Covid-19 vaccine

The footage, which was filmed by a person in another car, shows workers desperately attempting to wake a man back into consciousness after it appears as though he passed out following getting a dose of the Moderna shot.

A worker can be heard saying: “I think he’s having a seizure”, after the man can be seen convulsing in his seat.

In the same video, a second man can be seen fainting after receiving the vaccine, as the person filming says: “Holy sh*t man, that fu*kin’ freaked me out right now.”

Another person can be heard off camera saying that “folks” were just “passing out.”

The person who filmed the disturbing video posted it to their Instagram, writing in the caption that they witnessed “a wave of seizures” just minutes after the footage was shot. User Zetaattlast wrote: “Less than 5 minutes from getting God knows what injected inside them the two people to my left started having seizures.”

First the gentlemen in the red car was watching in shock as the driver next to him was having a seizure. Little did he know he would have one right after him.”

Zetaattlast wrote that he called the medics to help the second man, and that they have a procedure where vaccines recipients must wait in their car for 15 minutes afterwards, and if something goes wrong you must honk your horn to call for help.

Well, these folks to my left just passed out into seizures with no warning. If someone didn’t notice (in this case it was me) these folks would just continue having seizures. This policy must change.”

He wrote that the events shown in the video occurred only five minutes after the men received their first dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

The beginning was much more chaotic; it was like a wave of seizures jumping from car to car and mine was next!”

In his Instagram post, Zetaattlast warned of the dangers of the vaccine, urging others not to inject themselves over “something that has a 99.8% recovery rate.”

Unfortunately, these cases of adverse reactions will go unnoticed and ignored by the mainstream media who will only continue to churn out pro-vaccine propaganda regardless of the risk to the health and wellbeing of the public.

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