Haley Link Brinkmeyer: 28-year-old physical therapist dead two days after mRNA shot

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — Mrs. Haley Link Brinkmeyer received her Ph.D from the University of Evansville in 2018. She married her high school sweetheart, Evan, right around the same time. Haley is now dead because mainstream and social media convinced her that experimental mRNA shots are safe and necessary for the common good.

Mrs. Brinkmeyer received an mRNA shot on or around Tuesday, January 19. It is unclear whether it was the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna shot. She died two days later, according to her mother, Shauna O’Neill Link. Mrs. Brinkmeyer’s sudden death shocked everyone in her family, and left her young husband with a void that is unlikely to ever be filled. A heartbroken Shauna did not mince words about her daughter’s death.

Shauna-ONeill-Link-1024x745Mrs. Brinkmeyer was a physical therapist at North River Health Campus, a senior living community in Evansville. The facility posted photos and a message about “COVID vaccines” on January 20, around the same time Mrs. Brinkmeyer got the shot.


Mrs. Brinkmeyer was a St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) fan. She played three sports in high school and was an AOII sorority member. Mrs. Brinkmeyer’s death was last month. But it is very important to chronicle all of these deaths, particularly someone so young. Ms. Sara Stickles was also 28 years old when she died days after the Pfizer mRNA shot earlier this month.

Mainstream media and big tech have completely censored virtually every story of mRNA adverse effects and deaths. Everyone reading this blog has the responsibility to inform and educate their loved about these mRNA shots.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2021/02/25/haley-link-brinkmeyer-28-year-old-physical-therapist-dead-two-days-after-mrna-shot/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=7f8b17374fe984898821d611c2b0c3510255a813-1618960421-0-AXA99p6SWHjv1uB85ksW1oDDFiq6c_zA_7ffSlrd-jUV0ey7NoXhjdVDUaWVg12KYMJAaSXLRbbszrFmLE7wiJ6625waS76VqNlphutJ0opCuzxy679_oJ2sIVnNPi5kgTHNmL33CPhviaNb9qFOC_LlfLI0exE3GwvZh7V3fxIEYuRvcmKNGGwwIKtwu6QxwLZXf-dECRpnB__BCR58DlPR1ya9LkJ08ozYGJnW20-AYEiZ_Qfi58LpP9sG8wTOkYE3qR1tye8xa1CHsZ1vfElpx7XeZ3-mn-u1-mLeOXRpl1tzX3tReke6Qyq9JombWyrjhVz9rPqxx3WAZT6n3uVlQ-w6kG0FCn5ikjJgQ2KzRGSNMIKVjHNL3_gmecXvXxmrI6P0X_mY1MfcSD3UFQCb_SLODpDy-5AJY8J7KhEFcDaRquwryys8Yp2HJ9IRVEH1ZdXRZScUJA_MpbqKDOoBtVDBgZkZuA3EivMbLK3Z_iaY9_jeMPTiqZ_z1jfwBw


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