Filip Ingebrigtsen experiencing long corona vaccination side effects

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The 28-year-old Norwegian runner Filip Ingebrigtsen had a tough 2021 after a reaction to the corona vaccine. Now, he is training for the coming season, according to a press release by the Norwegian Athletics Association.

Ingebrigtsen was vaccinated against the coronavirus at the end of March, and after that, he experienced a lack of energy for over two months.

Ingebrigtsen has previously explained to NTB that he only had a proper training session at the end of June, where he felt that everything was in order. At that time, Team Ingebrigtsen did not yet know the reason behind the malaise.

Maybe I was not good enough at registering the signals early,” Ingebrigtsen said, encouraging others to respect the signals from their body in case of signs of illness – both moderate signs of illness in general and side effects of the vaccine in particular.

Ingebrigtsen got the second vaccine dose just after the Olympics in Tokyo. Then he had moderate side effects.

I am now working on getting back to normal training,” he added.

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