Comedian Danny Bonaduce suffers from a “mystery illness”

The american actor has received the Covid-19 vaccine.

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Most Americans over age 60 know Mr. Danny Bonaduce as Danny Partridge from the musical sitcom The Partridge Family.

The show ran from 1970 to 1974. Mr. Bonaduce was 15 years old when the show ended. And like many other child actors, he’s had his ups-and-downs since that time. Mr. Bonaduce was arrested in 1991 for beating up and robbing a transvestite prostitute. He battled drug and alcohol addiction for years, leading to homelessness and stints in re-hab.

Mr. Bonaduce once said Jane Fonda should be shot and killed for treason. He also called for the hanging of Rosie O’Donnell. Mr. Bonaduce has also participated in several celebrity boxing matches.

Mr. Bonaduce has worked in radio broadcasting off and on since the 1980s. He’s worked at 102.5 KZOK in Seattle since 2011. But Mr. Bonaduce announced via Instagram on April 29 that he was taking a medical leave of absence from the show.

He did not elaborate as to the exact issue. Two months later, Mr. Bonaduce posted an update on Instagram, saying he would return to his show on June 27 despite his brain “still being a little fuzzy.” He finally shared details of his “mystery illness” on Good Morning America on June 27. Mr. Bonaduce said he couldn’t walk, talk, or even stand up without a cane for several weeks. He also suffered memory loss. Doctors said it wasn’t a stroke. But they provided no alternative diagnosis.

Of course none of the Good Morning America people bothered mentioning Mr. Bonaduce’s March 31, 2021 tweet.

Mr. Bonaduce also refuses to put two and two together, despite several people commenting on his Instagram and Twitter posts describing their own similar post-injection adverse reactions ¹²³.

As we’ve pointed out previously, denial is the most common and apparently effective coping mechanism for the vaxx injured. Mr. Bonaduce, based on other stories we’ve covered, likely is suffering some sort of post-injection prions disease.

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