51-year-old triple vaccinated man suddenly dies

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READING, ENGLAND — A 51-year-old swimming coach is dead, after mocking the non-vaccinated with regurgitated, tired aspersions.

Mr. Lee Mallinson was head swimming coach at the Reading Swimming Club. The organization trains everyone from young children learning to swim to highly-experienced water polo players. Mr. Mallinson was the head coach since 2016. He was an assistant coach with the organization for six months before being promoted, according to his LinkedIn page. Mr. Mallinson was previously a coach with Tewkesbury Swimming Club and the Great Britain National Team Staff at Loughborough University.

He also worked for 10 years at Virgin Atlantic airlines between his coaching jobs.

Mr. Mallinson was a COVID fanatic. He played along with every narrative, and peppered his social media profiles with free advertising for the pharmaceutical industry. He was one of the early cheerleaders for the Novavax insect virus vector injection.

Mr. Mallinson wanted his mother to receive Novavax. But he still celebrated her receiving a Pfizer mRNA injection on February 26, 2021 since Novavax was unavailable.

Mr. Mallinson received his first AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection about three weeks later, March 26, 2021.

A week later, he advocated for the U.K. government and the E.U. to close borders and coerce the people into injections.

Mr. Mallinson received his second AstraZeneca injection on May 23, 2021.

For the next two months, he posted frequently about “COVID bingo” and “eyes down” related to all the so-called variants. It’s unclear what the punchline means for these jokes.

Mr. Mallinson received a flu shot on September 18.

He apparently lost a significant amount of weight in 2021; and talked about how he paid close attention to his health all year.

A few days later, he announced his forthcoming Pfizer mRNA booster injection.

Mr. Mallinson received the shot on November 23, and said he was “waiting for the internet signal to get stronger.” He also said “no pain yet” when a friend responded to the joke.

One of his final Facebook posts in 2021 came on December 12. It simply said #GetBoostedNow.

Mr. Mallinson’s final Facebook post came on March 17. It is a short drowning prevention video, promoting swimming lessons for young kids. Both his Twitter and Instagram profiles are locked, so it’s unclear if he posted anything after March 17 on those platforms. The official Reading Swimming Club Twitter account announced “the sudden and unexpected passing” of Mr. Mallinson on March 26.

A close friend of Mr. Mallinson also announced the death.

The only media report, from an outlet that solely covers swimming, said that his cause of death is unknown.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2022/04/03/lee-mallinson-51-year-old-british-swimming-coach-was-waiting-for-internet-signal-to-get-stronger-after-pfizer-booster-shot-dead-four-months-later/


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