47-year-old british woman suffers blood clots, dead 22 days after experimental AstraZeneca shot

LEICESTER — A 47-year-old woman is dead as experimental viral vector shots are now well-established as causing blood clots.

Ms. Lucy Taberer received the experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot on March 19, according to Leanne Tomlin. The latter is the daughter of Ms. Taberer’s long-time boyfriend. Lucy experienced only minor side effects for the first few days. But things quickly accelerated. Ms. Taberer visited her doctor on March 29, complaining of pains throughout her body. The doctors negligently dismissed her complaints as kidney stones, prescribed pain killers, and sent her home.

Lucy’s condition deteriorated further in the following days. She was rushed to Leicester Royal Infirmary on April 1. Doctors diagnosed her with blood clots. They administered blood thinners, to no avail. Ms. Taberer suffered a stroke. She was transferred to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. Despite great efforts by medical personnel, Ms. Taberer died on April 10.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds for Lucy’s three children. Her youngest son is only five years old.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2021/04/26/lucy-taberer-47-year-old-british-woman-suffers-blood-clots-dead-22-days-after-experimental-astrazeneca-shot/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=6b072f0a2a875830cb394667f9250f307f22053b-1621032687-0-AUTwHemw9fHDwDkXYtdG0z61-XCxrbpmNOOgMXWuL5BgHaWLfz5PLRzKbI_tL_9pC9f7ECPbq5ZIMessE_bSWbCTZqKNaDEDriqhfd-x0kMpu4AW9cZh6risomO-8JtRyeRww3PDa10xiqSwEzzEsGlR1guP75bGmr3CF3cbPuvCj-jND_myeRhLAJMxv2LWbBbbH18-9n6XdFIvOrpRxsqOUpgbS3jQ9h8js4QK2R_a2TRLaZ7Q-8Uav7OoA6qWS_Xvg1AtBTTM5Xw61SujSLXqoxMXmB_M5l7c-2ytg74e1WM6pnexnYRitlDvF_ldEVAu-u8WgB22g_4RFCglIUYM9VOoD12g1hflsxc8outNxUgYwrLMrJygB2C_0V-r5AIUKjbn1lqYDdAdUq6oP0sTpIhsD53PSB_RmiSWJr5z4c_bvTaVutQHN_fm9MbrsfyA-vhGQ5wnPYPMEBgI1qoPpkPvXfcrN5E3jqUttL6cOoy3c1H9Fb8o9p70eZrxsu4V6TMfTpi8b-KbkVUhMTM7hv71J9-uYSF7AAoSuNtY


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