39-year-old British model dead 16 days after experimental AstraZeneca shot

NICOSIA, CYPRUS — A 39-year-old British model living in Paphos, Cyprus, is dead after chronicling her last days on Facebook.
Ms. Stephanie Dubois received the first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector on May 6, according to her Facebook page.

Stephanie DuBois-1

She wrote that she hates needles, feels horrible and is in bed eating pizza after receiving the injection.
Ms. Dubois posted a somewhat lengthy, very sad update on May 14. She spoke of body shakes, stiff joints, headaches, dizziness, cold spells, and difficulty breathing. Ms. Dubois apologized to fans and clients as she had some sort of modeling event scheduled for the next two days that she was forced to cancel.

Later that day, she wrote that her blood work showed high white blood cell counts. That typically means your immune system is reacting to some sort of infection or foreign invader. Ms. Dubois said her whole body hurts and conceded she is likely having an adverse reaction to the AstraZeneca shot.

Her next, and final update, came on May 18. She posted a picture of what appears to be a badly-bruised arm, perhaps the site where she was injected. The photo is captioned with “I still don’t like needles.”

At some point thereafter she was admitted to Nicosia General Hospital. The Cyprus Mail reported that she “suffered a brain hemorrhage,” indicating blood clots and/or ruptured aneurysms. Ms. Dubois passed away on Saturday, May 22. Cyprus health authorities said the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is “investigating” to determine whether or not the shot caused her death. Of course, we already know what the result will be.

Ms. Dubois worked as a model for seven years. A GoFundMe page is collecting funds for funeral costs.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2021/05/25/stephanie-dubois-39-year-old-british-model-dead-16-days-after-experimental-astrazeneca-shot/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=8b5db4ad96b9bf116946099a7924f9081467c398-1622047954-0-ATwmM_HbfOlNZwUJkBCyD0FD-zfvelKP_0nRMSdboZ6gixm3EjPdxHPdEdQ61fwbyA1KaUrDCoSn_0rpCuMPij2n3WmjcxvWR6-7RaoXtI-5dJpq0aBjuNssnHDrpoL1yNkn5c_OPJ2fzK6fXHGdv9LimQQzMUJp2ENCmlI2zxjH0SL66RadPoA0egRaYJtnAON5nxOUb5XzKnCjvhPDUancl9DIqWfBBitfZwCDma9FN6agBCu9mIBwF8MWYQrH-HIvAnIclW797MCWa3nFhv7A_EN8vqh4Giy6Z-HEve34BPsSF-zGI6tH0XfkJh6rrkXkWRXQhJJ4k4dJWTz6mjIo5aYbTN841oql05-vdpe8aeRLq0W2TskoITiDR5Ln00QktvQVSLNN5rwACVy2LGYUSb-zviKzDoNJslawj7GArg-uR2llgzNz8MM_8UoLGzBUTQrkZTdDbaSt2cSHP_Ec2PaLkGeNixCbqK6kE44mmdQM45gEQEcWh4nd6vfNLkLEBJxEYYhHshJ9FbgHmM0


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