38-year-old man dies suddendly at work

Chris Houghton-Rai was vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Family and friends have paid tribute to a “loving, kind and selfless” husband and father, who has died at the age of 38. Christopher Houghton-Rai passed away “suddenly” while at work on Tuesday, June 21.

The Loughborough resident, who was a parts department manager at Toyota Vertu, collapsed unexpectedly while at work. His wife, Raj Houghton-Rai, said an air ambulance was despatched to the scene at Belton Road but after 90 minutes of “exhausting every measure” paramedics were unable to save her “soulmate”.

While the details surrounding the father-of-one’s death are still unclear, his loved ones said they are still in a state of shock and have not yet come to terms with the tragic news. Raj said: “I’m feeling utter disbelief, shock, devastation, pain and panic.

“When I got there they explained what had happened and it was agreed that nothing else was to be done. I got the chance to speak to him as they turned off the equipment and I begged him to come back to us and told him that we loved him beyond words.

His colleagues were amazing. I want to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation to Vertu, Chris’s employers and friends, the amazing ambulance and helicopter medics fought super hard but couldn’t bring him back to us.We can’t breath let alone cope at the moment”.

Chris is survived by his wife Raj, son Finlay Houghton, older brothers Lee and Daniel Houghton and his parents Linda and Keith Houghton.

NDRL’uomo era regolarmente vaccinato contro la Covid-19.

Fonte articolo: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/kind-selfless-husband-dad-dies-7247978


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