37-year-old Western Australia police officer suffers serious adverse reactions two weeks after Pfizer vaccine

PERTH — A 37-year-old police officer and small business owner is trying to live her life as normal despite accepting the fact that she could drop dead any day, any time.

Ms. Chantal Uren is a police officer for the Western Australian Police Force (WAPOL). She said that the police force mandated vaccines for all personnel in August. Though Ms. Uren made clear that she “is not an anti-vaxxer,” she was against receiving these particular injections due to lack of sufficient information on them. There is no data about long-term effects, she said. Ms. Uren was also concerned about how the shots were rushed to the market. But she felt there was “no choice” but to receive the injections if she wanted to keep her “privileged role” with WAPOL.

Despite her reluctance, Ms. Uren received her first Pfizer mRNA injection sometime in late August. She knew immediately that the decision changed her life, and not for the better. Vertigo, nausea and hives all appeared within 15 minutes.

Ms. Uren was discharged after medical personnel “got the rash under control.” But the relief was temporary. The next day, she had a 103 degree (39.7 Celsius) fever, more hives, and more nausea. For the next four weeks, Ms. Uren suffered persistent hives, fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, and a debilitating cough. Unfortunately the worst was yet to come.

Ms. Uren was apparently still going to work through all this. But that all changed sometime in mid-September. Mrs. Uren said her eyes “felt weird” one Tuesday morning. So she took an antihistamine before driving to work. When she arrived at work, a co-worker told her that her face was “drooping sideways.

Ms. Uren immediately went to the emergency room. She woke up the next morning in the hospital, only to collapse in the shower. Doctors discovered that “main artery” from her heart to brain ruptured. That means either the vertebral arteries or the carotid arteries. She also suffered a transient ischemic attack, aka a stroke.

The twilight zone still wasn’t over for her.

Doctors said there was a 25% chance she would never recover from the stroke, Bell’s Palsy and cerebral aneurysm. But Australia’s dystopian health system struck again when she spoke to another doctor about her prognosis:

I was booked in for an appointment at the vaccine safety clinic. I didn’t really understand what the appointment was about until I was taken into a private room with a doctor who tried to tell me that the vaccine had nothing to do with what had happened to me but then also couldn’t tell me that it didn’t. He sat in his chair stating that it was worth the risk of having another stroke to get my second Pfizer shot. How can a doctor sit there and tell someone those things. He was willing to risk my life to meet what I believe his goal to be of getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

Ms. Uren learned what many readers of this blog already knew. Doctors cannot and will not help you with post-injection injuries. But she’s also learning the consequences of speaking out about her situation. Ms. Uren is a cop. But she’s also really “girlie.” She likes getting dressed up and doing her makeup. It makes her feel normal. The Bell’s Palsy appears to come and go. So she takes advantage of the good days by dressing up. Trolls came out of every cave from there.

David Geisler is one of those trolls. He insinuated that Ms. Uren was faking because she is “posting on social media” and she’s “looking great with her hair and makeup.” This particular troll got under Ms. Uren’s skin; and she responded with a lengthy post, which includes a photo of her in a wheelchair. The saddest and most sobering part of the post is the conclusion:

“I may appear normal now to everyone on the outside but the main artery to my brain is ruptured and will take a year or more to heal so on the inside I’m far from normal. The risk of having a stroke at any moment is very high and scary”

There is some positive news in Ms. Uren’s life. She announced her engagement on October 9. But she’s unlikely to ever return to her career as a cop, which she seemed to love. Depending on your view, Ms. Uren is lucky to be alive.

A 2005 study published in the British Journal of Nursing found that 33% of carotid artery ruptures result in near-instant death. Those who survive are typically left paralyzed. The prognosis is a little better for vertebral artery dissection (rupture), as long as it happens outside of the cranium. Otherwise, the outlook is grim.

Ms. Uren said she is focusing on her forthcoming marriage to keep her mind healthy through all this.

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