37-Year-Old man suffers brain rupture and cardiac arrest after Moderna booster shot

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A 37-year-old is on life support following a reaction to a Moderna booster shot which caused brain rupture and two cardiac arrests.

Om Prakash Mohapatra, whose wife is expecting a baby in February, has been fighting for his life since January 15th due to a severe reaction from his booster shot. The doctors are now suggesting to remove his life support.

According to a fundraiser page, Om was in perfect health till he received the booster shot. It started as nausea, deteriorated quickly, and turned into heart failure on the morning of Jan 15th.

Paramedics tried their best to revive him and they could get his pulse after 20-25 mins of compression. But during this time period, he experienced brain hemorrhage. Since then, he has been in the ICU at Trillium Hospital, Mississauga, and at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Canada on life support and continues to battle for his life,” according to a fundraiser campaign.

Om’s sister, went on social media asking for help to save his brother. Read her statement below:

Dear Indian Authorities, my brother (37 year old) is on life support in Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Canada. He has severe brain rupture and had two cardiac arrests. Following his booster dose (Moderna) he started feeling unwell. He proactively consulted doctors, twice, and followed all prescribed medication.

Medical negligence or not, he ended up on life support and doctors are now indicating he is brain dead. We want to have multiple consultations and try our best to save him. Now we are being forced to get his life support removed. We want to have a consultation from other doctors for any chance of saving him. He is still not dead and all organs except the brain are properly functioning.

In general, patients can be on life support for quite long in any country including Canada. Removing life support would mean literally killing him prematurely. His wife is 8 months pregnant. He is the backbone of aging parents. We really need vour help and support. Please I beg you for your support.

The Indian community in Toronto responded to his sister’s message, stating that they have reached out to Halton healthcare and are considering the request to continue life support till the arrival of their parents. The decision will be taken only with the consent of the family.

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