30 Year Old suffered a minor brain stroke after the Covid vaccine

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This is his story:


Hello, my name is Loránd Sütő. I am 30 years old, and this is my story.

I live in the small European country of Romania. Last year I had the opportunity of my life to move to the United States for employment, however, my plans and my life has changed drastically when I decided to take the COVID vaccine to protect others and myself.

I not only I missed a career opportunity of a lifetime but even worse, my life and health was absolutely ruined.

I got the COVID vaccine on April, 22, 2021 and after 8 hours the mayhem started to unleash itself.

One of my very first symptoms was Tinnitus, never knew or heard about this until my left ear (the same side that I got the vaccine in) has exploded with a high-pitched continuous noise. I was panicked at that point but little had I knew what was coming down the road.

In the following days my overall health state had worsened. I had severe neurological issues including:

  • Brain Fog
  • Concentration Issues
  • Depersonalization
  • Vertigo
  • Memory Loss
  • Verbal Issues
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscle Twitches
  • Pins and Needles
  • Burning Sensation all over my body
  • Night Time Adrenaline Rushes
  • Severe Body Pain

All of that was bad, but I wasn’t prepared for the episode that scared me the most.

Not long after getting the COVID Vaccine, I was rushed to the Emergency Room because I had a Transient Ischemic Attack, a minor brain stroke.

Instead of actually listening to me, the doctors told me that I was suffering from anxiety and post-vaccination stress. They told me to see a psychiatrist.

I started having chronic insomnia episodes. I went from being a healthy young man that regularly slept 6-8 sometimes 9 hours a night, I was “sleeping” only 2 hours on tops per night.

I was, and I still am, mentally and physically exhausted.

Because I live in a country where are the average wages are minimal, and where you can barely survive from month to month I started to burn my savings on doctors, protocols, expensive meds, doing MRI’s and CT scans. I have had 2 MRI’s and 2 CT Scans in the past 9 months.

My savings and bank account has dwindled to nothing, as insurance never paid for any of this.

The problems have been only getting worse.

I started to have severe arrhythmias, tachycardia and bradycardia at night, severe chest pains, and shortness of breath on a daily basis.

They did a Cardiac MRI on me, and I was told I now have pericarditis, which to be honest wasn’t a piece of fun news to get. This was a shock to me, as I did not have any prior condition, and my overall health was great.

I started to have groin pain and anal bleeding, doctors thought I might have colon cancer, however fortunately that wasn’t the case.

I have had several suicidal thoughts.

I tried asking for help from doctors, from the manufacturing company, I did all the legal stuff but I was treated like I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I was actually made to feel guilty for doing the “RIGHT THING”.

What can I say… when life makes a U-turn and all of your dreams and desires fall apart in a matter of days… it can get to you.

I’ve spent everything I had and went into debt in the pursuit of my regaining my health.

After 10 months, I still have Tinnitus, Pains, Neurological issues, vascular inflammation. I’m on the verge of not being able to fulfill my job duties because of my general health.

I want to start treatments that have helped a lot of injured people. Unfortunately, it is not covered by insurance either, and I need to pay the blood panels + meds from my own pocket, which, unfortunately, I’m not able to do.

Some days are “good days” and some are bad.

Going from no health issues and being active to feeling sick with no energy has definitely been a challenge. I am asking for your kindness, gratitude and support on my road to recovery.

Thank you for reading my story. Also, please share this story so fewer people will get hurt!

Forever grateful, Lorand.

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