Two Nut Jobs and a Boeing 747

blankOne of the
most obvious lies in the show trial of Zacarias Moussaoui came when a
court-appointed physician, Dr. Raymond Patterson, declared Moussaoui was not
suffering from mental illness. Patterson made the assertion after Moussaoui said
he wanted to fire his lawyers and represent himself. Moussaoui’s lawyers “became
convinced that their client’s mental condition, already precarious, was
deteriorating under the stress of solitary confinement, and that he was becoming
increasingly paranoid,” writes Seymour Hersh for the New Yorker. In response to Patterson’s
assertion that Moussaoui was sane enough to present his own defense, two
“mental-health experts retained by the defense, Dr. Xavier Amador, of Columbia
University, and Dr. William Stejskal, of the University of Virginia, argued that
Patterson’s conclusions were unfounded and that Moussaoui needed further
evaluation.” Judge Brinkema did not agree and ruled from the bench on June 13th,
2002, without hearing testimony, “that the defendant met the legal standard of

In fact, Zacarias Moussaoui is a stark raving lunatic, given to paranoid
outbursts in the courtroom, and he was deemed sane for the simple reason that
the government needs a conviction to prop up its ludicrous whitewash commission
fairy tale about “al-Qaeda” cave dwellers attacking America on September 11,

Zacarias Moussaoui “is the only person charged in relation to the events of
Sept. 11,” writes Stephanie Mencimer, a Washington Monthly contributing editor.
“He was arrested after a flight-school instructor tipped off the FBI that he had
asked to learn only how to fly, but not to take off or land. The government is
working very hard to persuade people that this is a serious prosecution of a man
who was supposed to join 19 other terrorists in hijacking four passenger planes
on Sept. 11. They would like the world to believe that Moussaoui is a dangerous
threat to national security and a calculating operative of al Qaeda who should
be executed. But Moussaoui’s behavior has made that an uphill battle. His
filings in federal court led lawyers interviewed by Legal Times to dub him
‘crazy as a loon.’”

For some reason we are expected to believe this loon was capable of crashing
a 747 into the White House.

“Zacarias Moussaoui testified that he and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid
planned to hijack a jetliner and fly it into the White House on the day of the
Sept. 11 attacks,” reports Bloomberg. “Moussaoui said al-Qaeda leaders asked him in 1999
if he wanted to be a suicide pilot and he declined. He said that later, when he
was in al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s compound in Afghanistan, he told bin
Laden he had dreamed of making plans to fly a plane into the White House. After
that he decided to become a suicide pilot, Moussaoui said.”

If you believe any of this there is a proverbial bridge in Brooklyn I’d like
to sell you.

Moussaoui “couldn’t maintain basic aircraft control,” his flight instructor
at Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, Shohaib Nazir Kassam, told the Los Angeles Times. “He was a not a very good student. Just
below average.” Average flight students solo after 15 hours of practice with an
instructor, but Moussaoui wasn’t up to the task after nearly 60 hours of
training. As an example of how out of touch he was with reality, Moussaoui told
another flight school “My dream is to fly one of these big birds” and “After all
we are in America and everything is possible.” Clarence “Clancy” Prevost, a
flight instructor at the Pan Am International Flight Academy in Eagan,
Minnesota, told the court there was something “odd” about Moussaoui. “For
instance, he asked absurd questions: Could the cabin doors be opened after they
were pressurized and the plane was aloft?”

But the paramount absurdity is Moussaoui’s claim he plotted to hijack an
airplane with Richard Reid (aka Abdul Raheem or Abu Ibrahim), a certifiable
mental case and not the sharpest knife in the drawer now serving three life
sentences in the ADX Florence, a Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. Reid of
course attempted to blow up his shoes (containing plastic explosive with a
triacetone triperoxide detonator) on American Airlines Flight 63 going from
Paris’ Charles De Gaulle International Airport to Miami International Airport.

It is said Reid reported directly to alleged nine eleven “mastermind” Khalid
Shaikh Mohammed, the “al-Qaeda” operative who had no problem obtaining a visa to
enter the United States a mere six weeks before nine eleven, even though the CIA
and FBI knew Mohammed was involved in Oplan Bojinka, also known as Operation
Bojinka, a foiled attempt to assassinate the Pope and crash a plane into the CIA
headquarters in Langley, Virginia and other buildings. It is well known that
Mohammed also worked with the ISI, Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency and
partner with the CIA in creating the dire threat we now call “al-Qaeda.”

Reid was a follower of Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani, the Pakistani clerical leader
of Tanzeem ul Fuqra or al-Faqra, an “Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam
through violence,” according to the U.S. State Department. Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani’s inner circle
was penetrated by Ghulam Mustafa, an ISI operative who worked in the ISI-CIA
camps in Afghanistan, according to Syed
Saleem Shahzad
of the Asia Times. In other words, in classic fashion,
al-Faqra became an intelligence asset and Ali Gilani was possibly compromised.
Of course, it should come as no surprise Richard Reid was so close to
intelligence operations, both through his spiritual leader and his “al-Qaeda”

Simply put, both Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid are patsies, two doltish
fall guys provided to put a sinister (if pathetic) face on the beast our
government and corporate media call “al-Qaeda.” It was never intended that
Moussaoui see the cockpit of a commercial airliner and if indeed “al-Qaeda” had
wanted to blow up American Airlines Flight 63 over the Atlantic Ocean, they
would not have selected a bumbling petty criminal such as Richard Reid to
accomplish the task.

Monday March 27th 2006


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