London Bombing has the Scent of an Inside Job

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blankFrom: The Ranter

Today in London 4 bombs, 3 on trains, 1 on a bus, killed possibly 40 people and injured approximately 300 others. But who stands to gain from this highly sophisticated attack?

According to, a short time ago Scotland Yard had received intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred.

The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit.
The warning contradicts the fact that the original explanation of a power surge caused the power to go out for an hour or more. They knew it was an attack but put out a false explanation. Plus why did Netanyahu get a warning and the victims didn’t?

But, of course, now the mainstream media is starting to change their story, saying that there was no warning.

The Mainstream Media have been talking about the similarities between today’s bombing and the Madrid, Spain Train Bombings. But what they fail to mention is that the so called perpetrators were quickly linked to an “Al Qaeda” cell in Europe, but as was later reported on, they were linked to the Spanish Security service. The suspects then mysteriously Killed themselves as this information was seeping out. It’s become apparent that Spain’s government was using the bombings for its own gains and many went to the streets in Spain to declare they knew that their own government was behind the attacks.

This seems to me as either a MI5, CIA, or Mossad Operation. The reason I say this is because on July 4th, Britain made the announcement that they would be pulling their troops out of Iraq over the next 18 months, but now, they have a reason to stay in Iraq, how convenient for Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Also this will help the British and US Governments to Institute National ID card Programs, while tightening up “security” at all bus and train depot’s, like they got with the airline industry after 9/11. More searching without probable cause, more detainments of “suspects”. Then there is also the increased level of fear amongst the general populace this will generate as they pound it into the average american’s head over and over again. Fear is an effective tool when one wants to scare many into submitting to things they would otherwise not accept. Like after 9/11, fear of terrorism was used to pass the Unconstitutional U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, which has since been proven to increase control over the people of the U.S. by severly impeding or completely nullifying most of the Bill of Rights, while at the same time doing very little, if anything, to prevent future terrorist attacks.

Britain has bombed itself before and blamed it on the IRA, the US planned to attack itself in 1962 with Operation Northwoods. Israel has it’s Lavon Affair. Hitler burnt the Reichstag Government building and blamed it on terrorists. Nero burnt Rome, and essentially did the same, blamed terrorists. It’s proven that in the 1993 WTC bombing, the FBI planted Emad A. Salem to infiltrate an Arab group in New York. His job was to act as an agent provocateur, inciting violent attacks. It was Salem who convinced the other participants to bomb the World Trade Center. When he was asked to assemble the bomb, he went to the FBI to ask for harmless powder to avoid a catastrophe. The FBI essentially cut him off. To make a long, complicated story short and simple: The FBI spent $3 million of your tax money to blow up the World Trade Center. Then look at what our Government did to the Branch Davidians in Waco, which resulted in 80 deaths, 76 of which were Branch Davidians.

People of the US, UK, and the World. This is just the latest in Government Sponsored “terrorist” attacks, and there will be more, unless we stop them through whatever means needed. Be it impeachment, or revolution, or somewhere in between, the terror attacks will stop if we reclaim our rightous command over our governments. Look at the way things have gone:

War on Illiteracy – More illiteracy, and more ignorance
War on Drugs – More Drugs on the Streets and more addicts.
War on Poverty – More Unemployed and homeless

What makes this any different? They declare a “War on Terror” and now we have more terrorism in the world than we had in 2001. Either A: they are the masterminds of all of this, or B: they are all incompitant morans, either way, they should be lynched. This is not the end, there is more attacks to come. How do I know, because they want control over any and every person, place, and resource. They want complete control over you, they want it so that you’ll be so scared of being attacked, that you’ll do anything the government wants. Be it giving up your rights, sending your kids off to die in more and more “necessary” wars, taking more and more of your money out of your pockets until we’re all reduced to slaves, willing to do the bidding of our Government masters. George Orwell must be rolling in his grave with the level of government corruption around the world. 1984 is only a glimpse of the hellish nightmare they are slowly creating with these “terrorist” attacks.

Don’t let the media mislead you, this was not Al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden, according to an obituary in an Egyptain Newspaper, Died in December of 2001. With all this talk of terrorism in the US and UK governments, do you think they’d really miss intelligence on a train bombing plot? And if they really did, anyone in the US or UK should be supremely pissed off, because all of those tax dollars used to increase anti-terrorism precautions where useless, being as they didn’t even come close to stopping this terrorist attack. Don’t be fooled, demand answers, and if they don’t give them, impeach them, by any means neccisary, your freedom is at stake.

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you agree with what I have said or not, please copy and repost this article to ANY website, but most especially to your Myspace Bulletin to your friends. You may not find this interesting, but someone you know very well might. So please, I ask you, pass this article along to others.



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