Giuliana Sgrena Kidnapping: Defaming Iraqi Resistance is the Name of the Game

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Giuliana Sgrena, an unembedded Italian journalist, was not kidnapped by the Iraqi resistance. If you read her stories, you will immediately realize the Iraqi resistance had absolutely no reason to abduct her. Giuliana Sgrena wrote about the suffering of the Iraqi people under occupation. “Suffering daily abuses and violence from occupation forces or their proxies, the Iraqis themselves are subjected to routine hostage-taking by the occupiers,” writes Stefano Chiarini, Il Manifesto correspondent in Baghdad. “This type of kidnapping distorts and defames the resistance of the Iraqi people against the American occupation,” said Sheik Abdel Salam al Qubaisi of the Association of Islamic Scholars, a Sunni organization. For his effort on Sgrena’s behalf, Sheik Ali al Jabouri, a member of the Association of Islamic Scholars, was arrested by Allawi’s goons.

Sgrena worked for Il Manifesto, an Italian leftist newspaper, and she was “among the founders of the peace movement,” according to her biography on the Il Manifesto web site. “Giuliana was in Iraq to witness the plight of innocent Iraqi people and show to the world that the invasion of Iraq by US forces has brought nothing positive but more pain, sufferings and tragedies for ill-fated civilians. As a freedom-loving Italian journalist she wanted to uncover those aspects of the life of Iraqi children, women and men that are usually ignored by other known Western media,” writes Rawa (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) for Bellaciao.

In other words, she was an enemy of the United States, not the Iraqi resistance, in the same way Margaret Hassan was an enemy of the United States, or rather the policies of the United States.

Both Hassan and Sgrena were kidnapped by “counterinsurgency” black op groups—now admitted to be working in both Iraq and Iran by the Pentagon—posing as resistance fighters. I have no evidence of this but it is the only explanation that makes sense. I have written about this elsewhere, so will not repeat the details. See my Hersh Adds Credibility to Speculation Margaret Hassan was the Victim of a Counterinsurgency Operation, posted on January 18. I also wrote about it here. For speculating on such, I have been termed a conspiracy nut donning a tinfoil hat.

Eason Jordan, the chief news executive of CNN, was forced to resign recently for stating the obvious: the Pentagon targets journalists in Iraq. Jordan sheepishly attempted to backtrack after making the comment in Davos, Switzerland. “Jordan offered no evidence, and his accusation, which he may have tried to take back later, was too much for Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., who was in the audience and said he was ‘outraged by the comments,’” Marvin Olasky writes for the Moonie controlled Washington Times. Is it possible Dodd would be “outraged” by this page, listing the names of journalists murdered in Iraq, posted on the International Federation of Journalists web site?

It really is a no-brainer: the Pentagon is kidnapping and murdering journalists because they do not want the world to know about the war crimes they are committing in Iraq. “[Sgrena] had an appointment in a Baghdad Sunni mosque with refugees from Fallujah. A few minutes after the phone call, she was abducted,” writes Luciana Bohne. “That is all that is known at this time. However, it is noted, at least by many in Italy, that every independent journalist who attempts to investigate what happened in Fallujah is kidnapped—some, like [Enzo] Baldoni, are killed.” Baldoni and his interpreter were killed in late August of 2004, allegedly by the Islamic Army in Iraq, the same “resistance” organization that threatened to “give American civilians a taste of what civilians in our country go through,” in other words attack the United States directly, a stupid remark for a supposed resistance organization, suspect because even a dimwit realizes attacking the United States and killing U.S. citizens would shift even more support behind Bush and the Strausscons. The Islamic Army in Iraq is said to be connected to Ansar al-Sunnah, a “resistance” organization in competition with al-Zarqawi’s al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad to see who can upload more disgusting beheading videos on the internet.

Giuliana Sgrena was kidnapped because the Pentagon does not want you to know what it did in Fallujah. As Dahr Jamail reported last month, based on eye witness accounts, military bulldozers and trucks removed tons of soil from the Julan and Jimouriya quarters of Fallujah, where the heaviest fighting occurred late last year. “At least two kilometers of soil were removed,” explained one of Jamail’s contacts, “Exactly as they did at Baghdad Airport after the heavy battles there during the invasion and the Americans used their special weapons…. They went around to every house and have shot the water tanks. As if they are trying to hide the evidence of chemical weapons in the water, but they only did this in some areas, such as Julan and in the souk (market) there as well.”

Hear no evil, so no evil. If reporters such as Giuliana Sgrena are kidnapped, never to be seen again, rest assured you will never know what really happened in Fallujah, just as you will never know the actual number of people killed because the United States bombed hospitals, described as propaganda centers. Of course, truth is always considered propaganda and truthful journalists such as Giuliana Sgrena are the enemy.



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