Moderna Covid vaccine causes blood clots in Colorado resident

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A Colorado man who received the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine says he developed blood clots which he feared would kill him.

Jeff Johnson, 49, of Brighton, Colorado received his first dose of the Moderna shot at the city’s Salud Family Health Centers, and did not have any issues until one week post-injection.

Johnson said that he began feeling pain and tenderness in his left leg, which began to swell: “I was concerned, naturally. I know blood clots are bad and I was afraid to die.”

The Brighton resident then went to the emergency room, where doctors said he was afflicted with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), whereby a blood clot forms in a distant blood vessel such as in the thigh or lower leg.

Doctors found two blood clots in his left leg and said that they could have been caused by the Moderna vaccine, but there is “no evidence” for the claim. After treatment, Johnson’s condition improved and he was discharged from the hospital and is set to return to work.

Johnson expressed hope that he has no other issues – other than the blood clots that developed in his left leg – after receiving the Covid vaccine.

He said that he became increasingly concerned about the clots on his left leg after he heard similar news from the single-dose Janssen Covid-9 jab. Although, the blood clots linked to the Janssen jab are different from the one that Johnson experienced.

It appears as though blood clots have become the anticipated side effect of the Covid vaccines, along with a tsunami of other adverse reactions including strokes, blindness, and death. Whilst the media may report upon these deadly – or as they put it, “normal” – side effects to the jab, they avoid connecting the dots and continue to spout propaganda encouraging the public to roll up their sleeves to “serve their country.”

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