Healthy Derbyshire man dies one day after booster jab

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A healthy Derbyshire man died a day after receiving his Covid booster jab with a pathologist unable to find a cause of death. Stuart Page, 57, from Stenson Fields, died suddenly after complaining of feeling unwell and his sudden passing remains a mystery.

The day after his third jab he complained of a severe headache and pain in his lower left leg and told family he would have a nap before going to work. An HGV driver, Mr Page woke up at 11.40pm before heading to work around midnight on December 9.

He returned home from work early as he felt ill and when contacted by his partner later in the day, said “he felt like he was dying” and would take a bath.

East Midlands Ambulance Service described the events of the evening of Mr Page’s death: “She [his partner] came round later at 5.45pm to find that the house was fully secure so she used her own key. She heard running water coming from upstairs. She didn’t get a response so she went upstairs to the bathroom and found Stuart unresponsive in the bath. When she found Stuart the bathtub was over half full with extremely hot water in it.

His partner attempted CPR until paramedics arrived to continue the resuscitation attempts, but received no response from Mr Page and he was pronounced deceased at the scene. A post-mortem examination was carried out by pathologist Dr Mann on December 14, with special neurological tests also being conducted by Professor Al-Sarraj at King’s College Hospital.

The inquest, which was held at Derby Coroner’s Court on May 12, heard that after receiving two doses of the Astrazeneca vaccination, Mr Page received his Moderna booster jab from the Pear Tree Pharmacy on December 8, 2021.

A coroner has ruled that there was no medical evidence to suggest that he died as a result of his Covid vaccination from the day before.

Neither the post-mortem examination nor the extra tests found any evidence to connect Mr Page’s Covid vaccination to his death. Mr Page also tested negative for Covid-19 at the time of his death. Dr Mann did not find any medical evidence to link his death to any specific cause, and therefore ruled the medical cause of death to be unascertained.

A statement from Mr Page’s partner was described by the assistant coroner Sarah Hutbach. She said: “You have described him as a healthy individual, never smoked and he didn’t consume drugs. He rarely drank alcohol, really only on special occasions, and he enjoyed keeping fit. He had a balanced diet, and in terms of his health and wellbeing he was rarely ill and rarely complained of any issues. He had no diagnosed medical conditions and he only kept standard painkillers at his address.

Ms Huntbach dismissed the possibility of suicide as there were no medical signs that this was the case. The coroner, with no medical cause of death or circumstantial evidence to link to a cause of death, ruled an open conclusion to the case.

Sarah Huntbach, assistant coroner for the Derby area, who was leading the inquest, said:

“The pathologist can’t actually say that the vaccine has caused Stuart’s death because there is nothing that he can pathologically find based on the current knowledge of what is known about the vaccine to be able to put them together. He’s found nothing in his examination, under the microscope and externally, to say this was the reason he died. I will accept the pathologist’s cause of death of one of unascertained. I will record Stuart’s death, based on the information I have, as an open conclusion.”

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