Gurugram: Six days after vaccination, health worker dies of cardiac arrest

GURUGRAM: Lajwanti, a 56-year-old nurse who worked as a health visitor for 20 years, passed away after a sudden cardiac arrest on Friday morning, six days after she had taken a Covid-19 vaccine.

The death has been noted as a case of AEFI (adverse events following vaccination) – the first in the city since the inoculations began on January 16 – even though conclusive medical evidence on whether it is linked to the vaccine or not is awaited.
Lajwanti passed away around 6am on Friday before doctors at Medanta, where her husband took her, could examine her.

The autopsy report mentions cardiac arrest as the cause of death but a deeper insight will come from the viscera report, based on which a final decision on whether it’s an AEFI or not will be taken, a senior health department official said.
Lajwanti’s husband Lal Singh filed a police complaint in which he mentioned she had taken the Covid-19 vaccine. “On Friday morning, when I noticed that my wife was still sleeping, I called her. But there was no response. Thereafter, I tried to shake her awake but found her to be very still. I took her to Medanta, where the doctors checked her vitals and declared her brought dead,” said Singh in his complaint to the New Colony police station.
Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer of Gurgaon, said, “It seems the death is not directly related to Covid vaccination. She got the jab on January 16. We are looking into the case in detail. We have reported the incident as AEFI as of now, but the investigation is on. We will be able to confirm after gathering more data.
Lajwanti had been working for the health department as a visitor.
“Samples have been sent to Karnal and Rohtak for viscera test results, which will take a fortnight. In case the final report suggests the death is not related to the vaccine, we will remove this case from AEFI,” said Yadav.

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