Canadian woman develops post-injection autoimmune issues

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Ms. Kaara Carlson is a registered nursing assistant and a nail technician (paints fingernails) in Calgary, Alberta. She has at least three children, with one son age 32, and several grandchildren. Ms. Carlson had two preexisting conditions prior to the injections fibromyalgia and chronic hemiplegic migraines.

Fibromyalgia is of course a chronic, full-body musculoskeletal pain disorder. The condition is listed on Pfizer’s own April 30, 2021 post-injection adverse event report, meaning the mRNA injections could exacerbate preexisting fibromyalgia. Hemiplegic migraines are migraine headaches accompanied by stroke-like symptoms, especially numbness on one side of the body and general confusion.

Ms. Carlson isn’t a vaxx zealot per se. She has displayed common sense and human decency throughout the so-called pandemic.

But ultimately she is a healthcare worker and loves to travel. She dropped a few zealot-like posts in her social media timelines. For instance, she promoted a Canadian sweepstakes that gave away $550,000 in total prizes to people who could prove they receive the injections.

That all said, Ms. Carlson received at least two Pfizer mRNA injections, according to her Facebook page.

It’s unclear if she received any booster shots. Interestingly, the Alberta provincial government just ended its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers this past Monday. Regardless, Ms. Carlson was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in August 2021.

This condition initially affects patients in their 20s or 30s, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. It’s essentially temporary multiple sclerosis (MS) and then goes away for years and even decades. Ms. Carlson never mentioned MS in her Facebook history (which dates back to at least 2011) until this post. Considering how publicly and openly she talks about medical issues, it’s safe to assume that MS hadn’t bothered her for years, until this moment.

She mentioned MS again in October 2021, after MRIs on her brain and spinal cord. It appears the previously dormant disease was wide awake again.

Ms. Carlson took a few vacations in late 2021 and early 2022, including one to Cancun. Thus her body was still functioning relatively well. But on June 1, Ms. Carlson wrote that she is “just getting over COVID.” She posted a gruesome photo of a rash that she referred to as “COVID rash.” Ms. Carlson repeated the official Cult of COVID slogan, “I’m glad I’m vaccinated or it would have been worse.” Some people in her timeline reinforced her COVID rash diagnosis. Others told her the truth about it being an adverse reaction to the injections.

Ms. Carlson’s June 6 Facebook post is what it is.

Four days later, Ms. Carlson reported more hemiplegic migraines.

A week later, on June 18, Ms. Carlson voiced frustration with her deteriorating health.

She moved from Calgary to Mission, British Columbia last week. We’ll update in due course.

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