California woman develops Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome two days after Pfizer

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LADERA RANCH, CALIFORNIA — An Orange County mother-of-three and real estate title agent believed her actions would protect others and provide job security. Now she prays everyday for some semblance of normalcy after a six-month nightmare with no end in sight.

Ms. Jenny Porter describes herself as a devout Christian. Physical fitness has always been a part of her life. Her dad was a horse jockey, and raised her to view fitness as a way of life and not just an activity when you need to lose weight. Ms. Porter also loves her job, and “felt pressure within my industry” to receive the injections. She believed she’d lose clients if she did not succumb to the pressure.

Ms. Porter did a lot of research, but conceded in the aftermath that she only used Google. “You’re only going to find what they want you to see and want to know,” she said on a February 16 podcast with Kat Donahue. By the time she discovered that the terms “web search” and “Google” are not synonymous, it was too late.

Ms. Porter received the Pfizer mRNA injection on August 24 at Bushard’s Pharmacy in Laguna Beach. The batch number, FA6780, is associated with at least 36 life-threatening illnesses, disabilities, and/or deaths, according to the How Bad Is My Batch database.

Within 48 hours, Ms. Porter suffered from debilitating diarrhea, vomiting and pain that “felt like knives” stabbing her abdomen. She also suffered “severe cognitive impairment,” to the point that she couldn’t process and understand spoken words from other people. Fine motor skills were also impaired. She couldn’t type or even pick up and hold a pen to write something. All of her limbs went completely numb, leaving her unable to walk.

Ms. Porter finally went to a doctor on September 6. Of course the first thing they did is test her for so-called “COVID-19,” which was positive. Despite all of the foregoing symptoms, doctors prescribed antibiotics and discharged her. By September 17, Ms. Porter had gained nearly 25 pounds from toxic fluids filling her body. She also developed head-to-toe rashes from several newly-acquired allergies that she never had before the injection. Ms. Porter was officially diagnosed with multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS).

MIS causes all of your internal organs to swell. Some of the most horrendous stories of suffering on this blog are the result of post-injection MIS.

Ms. Porter has been on disability and unable to work since September. Her kids spend most days with their father because they are terrified seeing their mom in this condition. Ms. Porter spend 80% of her waking hours lying in bed because she cannot walk. Even when she tries to walk, the pain is excruciating. Doctors did finally admit that her condition is a vaccine injury. But they have no answers and no real treatments for her.

Ms. Porter kept her vaxx injury quiet until earlier this month. She created an Instagram profile and is telling her full story. Nearly every photo is her lying in bed on her back. The other photos shows the pain killers that she takes “by the hand-fulls” just to function.

She is at least the fourth vaxx victim covered here on The COVID Blog™ to mention Dr. Mark Ghalili, who is absolutely cashing in on this global human tragedy.

Ms. Porter declared that she is “not anti-vaxx,” but instead pro-choice. She wants people to know that if they decide to receive the injections, this could happen to them too.

“My biggest fear is that I’ll die. I have three kids. But other than that my biggest fear is that I’ll never get well, that I’ll live the rest of my life bedridden.” Jenny Porter via Kat Donahue Podcast, February 16, 2022.

Ms. Porter had an epidural earlier this week to, hopefully, provide pain relief. But it didn’t trigger the desired effect; and now she’s in more pain then she was before.

Ms. Porter remains as positive as possible, and does everything with a smile.

Her latest update, however, paints an ominous portrait of both her present and future.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds to help with her medical expenses.

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