Arizona woman has myocarditis after the Moderna vaccine

MESA, ARIZONA — Ms. Whitney Peterson has overcome a lot in her life. She suffers from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), which is essentially chronic anaphylaxis due to false internal signals. Ms. Peterson also suffers from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS. It is a circulatory disorder that causes brain fog, fainting and elevated heartbeat.

Ms. Peterson managed those two conditions with dietary supplements and lived a relatively-normal life as a result. She loves the outdoors and frequently went hiking and camping.

All of that changed with one fateful decision that she’ll regret for the rest of her life. Ms. Peterson received her first Moderna mRNA injection on October 12.

She developed “chest tightness” less than a week later. That was followed by shortness of breath, to the point that she could barely move without becoming winded.

Ms. Peterson finally called her doctor after a week of symptoms and hoping she would heal on her own. Doctors advised her to go to the emergency room. But due to being immunocompromised and afraid of catching COVID-19 at a hospital, she refused.

Now entering the second week of symptoms, Ms. Peterson started experiencing elevated heart rates. It would be as high as 140 bpm just from walking up stairs. That was followed by chest pain, dizziness and stabbing heart pain that was so excruciating, she would scream.

Ms. Peterson reported that she’d been to a cardiologist four times by December 5. But due to her MCAS, she’s unable to take the contrast agents necessary for MRI enhancement so doctors can see her organs more clearly. A Mayo Clinic doctor finally diagnosed her with myocarditis.

Ms. Peterson made clear that she is “not anti-[vaxx]” and that she “desperately” wanted to get the shot. She also believes that the Pfizer mRNA injection would have been safer and perhaps not triggered all the adverse reactions.

A few hours later, on December 5, Ms. Peterson posted a photo of her red, swollen arm from the actual injection. She referred to it as “COVID arm” and “Moderna arm.

The next day, December 6, she reported a near-universal complaint among the vaxx-injured. Doctors were not helping her and not listening to her complaints.

Things progressively worsened as the days went by. She reported vascular inflammation and mitochondrial damage on December 26. The previous means her blood vessels are swollen and potentially impeding proper blood flow. The latter means her cells aren’t converting food and oxygen into energy.

Ms. Peterson posted several updates, reminiscing about her previous life before Moderna. She said she feels angry and deceived. Ms. Peterson also said she will “never take another [vaccine] again.

The only good news is that she got in contact with Ms. Marah Johnson, the mother of 21-year-old Madeline Johnson, who still suffers from the post-Pfizer adverse effects. Marah told Ms. Peterson about Dr. Mark Ghalili in Los Angeles. He’s helped Madeline and other vaxx-injured patients improve with regenerative treatments. But said treatments cost upwards to $20,000; and Ms. Peterson’s insurance does not cover it.

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