49-year-old Australian woman with shingles two months after booster injection

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES — Fans wondered what was happening after a 49-year-old radio broadcaster disappeared for several days, in yet another case of mainstream media vaxx zealotry gone awry.

Mrs. Deborah Knight is the host of Afternoons with Deborah Knight on 2GB 873 radio in Sydney. She is also affiliated with 2CC 1206 in Canberra, and is the weekend host on Nine Network’s A Current Affair. Mrs. Knight has worked in mainstream media her entire adult life. She was part of the press pool for former Australia Prime Minister John Howard in 2001. They happened to be in New York City on September 11, 2001. She said covering the events on that day “changed my career and changed my outlook.”

A funny moment in her career happened when she was on The Today Show on Nine Network. Mrs. Knight was named co-host, alongside Georgie Gardner, on January 5, 2019. She interviewed Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson, who is also leader of the One Nation conservative political party. Mrs. Knight, on or around May 15, 2019, asked Senator Hanson a question about her party’s dwindling popularity and scandals over the years. Senator Hanson clapped back, saying The Today Show ratings have dropped since Mrs. Knight took over a few months earlier.

“Should we bring Karl back,” Senator Hanson said, referring to 14-year Today host Karl Stefanovic, who left the show at the end of 2018.

Coincidentally or otherwise, Stefanovic returned to Today in November 2019, just five months after the foregoing interview. Mrs. Knight was moved to another show on the network.

Mrs. Knight has used her platforms to promote and encourage the experimental injections since the beginning of 2021. She received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on May 31, according to her Instagram page. She praised the injector and declared she’s “feeling fine.”

Mrs. Knight received her second Pfizer mRNA injection on June 21, three weeks later. “Fully vaxx’d – so I won’t get fully sick,” we wrote in the Instagram caption.

Mrs. Knight called Australian lockdown protesters “disgraceful” a few weeks later in July via Twitter, and told them “stay home and get vaccinated.

She shared personal stories that same month about having two miscarriages and several rounds of in-vitro fertilization before finally giving birth to her son, and first born, Darcy. Mrs. Knight, on September 14, posted a photo of then 11-year-old Darcy receiving a Pfizer injection.

Mrs. Knight displayed peak obliviousness, denial and big pharma loyalty in October. She announced that her mother-in-law, 88, died of COVID-19 despite being fully-vaccinated.

She now had a real-life situation showing that the shots don’t work. But she was undeterred, saying on her radio broadcast regarding her mother-in-law’s passing:

“And if you’re still hedging on getting vaccinated, that very simple act with plenty of vaccine options, plenty of availability, you can stop more families like mine from grieving and mourning the loss of a much-loved family member, like Connie Dunbar.”

Mrs. Knight received her Pfizer booster shot on December 11, according to her Twitter account.

Mrs. Knight tweeted on January 29 that she was experiencing lower back pain.

She took three days off from her radio show last week, prompting listeners to speculate as to what was going on. Mrs. Knight returned to her radio show on Monday. She tweeted that she’s “backed on deck – a little unsightly with shingles blistering away.

Shingles is also known as herpes zoster. Of course shingles is a common and well-documented adverse reaction from the mRNA injections, despite mainstream media and universities using the “rare” and “very rare” tags when talking about it. A Twitter user informed Mrs. Knight of the foregoing truth, and warned her not to get any more boosters. But Mrs. Knight is a big pharma trooper. “I’ll stick to the medical experts and their advice,” she defiantly responded to the random Twitter user.

The entire radio station is big pharma-owned. John Stanley, the night time host on 2GB 873, did a segment on Monday defending the AstraZeneca injections.

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