39-year-old woman has leg amputated 15 days after Pfizer vaccine

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ARAGUATINS, TOCANTINS — A 39-year-old wife, mother-of-two and credit analyst is begrudgingly accepting her new normal, and using her platform to warn others about what is now a common adverse reaction to the lethal injections.

Mrs. Cícera Santos, full name Raimunda Cícera Alves do Santos, was never a heavy Instagram user. Her first post was on April 26, 2021. It is a photo of her in sunglasses, looking like she’s enjoying life.

Mrs. Santos worked for a company called Feirão dos Moveis Magazine, with one media outlet saying she’s a credit analyst there. She posted on June 2 what appears to be a surprise birthday party for her by coworkers.

Her August 18 Instagram photo looks like she’s working in an office.

Mrs. Santos displayed her signature smile with braces, and just seemed to be a happy woman with close family and friends. The foregoing photo has great significance because it’s the last time Mrs. Santos would don that bright, carefree smile on Instagram.

Mrs. Santos received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on August 25, according to her Instagram page. It’s unclear if the shot was mandated by her employer. But she appears to be wearing a work uniform in the photo of her receiving the injection.

Mrs. Santos didn’t post the photo/video on August 25 when she received the shot. In fact her next Instagram updates were on September 20, nearly a month after the injection. One September 20 post is of her and her husband together. The other one is her husband and one of their sons. Her next update on September 30 was a video montage of family photos, as if she was reminiscing about some former bright, beautiful time in her life. And that’s exactly what it was.

The first time she posted the vaccine photo was October 15. Then she told her full story on October 21. Mrs. Santos reported feeling pain at the injection site on the day of the shot (August 25). Her left leg started swelling up on August 28. Mrs. Santos reported “very strong” stomach pains and excruciating pain in her left leg on September 2. She went to Araguatins Hospital that day. But doctors couldn’t figure out the problem. They gave her pain medication and sent her to a hospital in Augustinópolis.

Doctors gave her morphine and blood thinners. They performed an ultrasound on September 3. By this time her left foot was swollen and turning purple.

The ultrasound revealed venous thrombosis (blood clots) in her left leg. Mrs. Santos was transferred to another hospital in Araguaína. Doctors tried clearing the blood clots from her leg, to no avail. Her left foot was even more swollen and purple by this time, mere hours later.

Doctors approached Mrs. Santos on September 5 with life-altering news. They told Mrs. Santos that her left foot was dead and needed to be amputated. The news sent her into a state of desperation and crying.

I asked him not to amputate because I didn’t want to lose my foot, and I believed that I still had a chance to be cured without the need to amputate,” she wrote. Doctors transferred Mrs. Santos to another hospital in Teresina, Piauí because said hospital had more resources. But on September 6, those doctors said that there’s no way to save the foot. It was also now necessary to amputate her leg from the knee-down. But Mrs. Santos continued fighting and pleaded with doctors to try anything and everything to save her leg.

Doctors performed a surgery on her left calf to see if there was any possible way to clear the clots. But there was nothing they could do as Mrs. Santos’ left foot was completely dead, and the gangrene was getting worse by the hour. The amputation surgery took place on September 9.

Mrs. Santos posted her first video after the surgery on October 22.

Pix appears to be the Brazil equivalent to Zelle in the United States. The number needed to donate to Mrs. Santos and help her get a prosthetic leg and pay for follow-up exams is 63991056787.

Mrs. Santos now has 16,000 Instagram followers and uses her platform to warn others about the dangers of these injections. She’s also made rounds on Brazilian television, radio and podcasts warning people. Instagram is of course censoring many of Mrs. Santos’ posts because she’s telling truth about the lethal injections.

Every Instagram photo of Mrs. Santos prior to August 18 shows her smiling. Unless she’s re-posting old photos, that smile rarely appears anymore.

Fonte articolo: https://thecovidblog.com/2022/02/11/cicera-santos-39-year-old-brazilian-woman-develops-severe-blood-clots-has-leg-amputated-15-days-after-pfizer-mrna-injection/


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