16-year-old girl develops gruesome vaginal ulcers six days after second Pfizer vaccine

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We know for a fact that the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections cause myriad physiological problems in women, particularly in their reproductive systems. Disturbing images of abnormal menstrual discharge are common, even for women exposed to the spike proteins via shedding.

Stillborn babies and spontaneous abortions are happening far more often that what’s being reported in vaxxed women. There are also instances of post-injection women possibly poisoning their newborn babies with contaminated breast milk. But now we’re seeing something new among post-injection teenage girls.

Lipschütz ulcers aka vulvar aphthous ulcers

Non−sexually acquired vulvar aphthous ulcers were first observed by Austrian dermatologist, Dr. Benjamin Lipschütz, in 1912-13. Thus the condition is still sometimes called “Lipschütz ulcers.” Vulvar aphthous ulcers are extremely painful and unsightly. They typically affect the internal labia minora (inner vaginal lips) of adolescent female virgins.

Vulvar aphthous ulcers are extremely rare. But precise prevalence statistics do not exist. The condition is often misdiagnosed. All sexually transmitted diseases, including genital herpes and Behçet syndrome, must be ruled out before a vulvar aphthosis diagnosis. Some doctors believe the condition is a manifestation of the Epstein-Barr virus (mononucleosis). Many vulvar aphthosis cases are preceded by flu-like symptoms or upper respiratory tract infections. But there is no definitive data as to what causes the condition – that is until we entered the twilight zone in 2021.

There is now at least one documented case of post-injection vulvar aphthous ulcers. Of course that means “rare” to mainstream media, but likely very common in real-life.

The Minnesota case

A 16-year-old Minnesota girl received both Pfizer mRNA injections in August. She suffered a high fever, muscle aches and extreme fatigue within 24 hours. She also suffered from painful lesions in her vaginal area. The lesions expanded and became so painful that the patient could barely walk, urinate or defecate.

She went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a Bartholin cyst. Doctors prescribed an antibiotic and discharged her. But that turned out to be yet another misdiagnosis. The symptoms worsened over the next 48 hours. She returned to urgent care two days later not only with all the same aforementioned symptoms, but also pus accumulating in the affected area. That’s when University of Minnesota doctors began treating her for Lipschütz ulcers.

The patient already had several preexisting conditions, including a club foot, a soft palate cleft and a history of oral ulcers.

Why a child with this many medical issues received experimental mRNA injections is unclear. University of Minnesota researchers provided a photo of the patient’s Lipschütz ulcer.

She tested negative for COVID-19, HIV, syphilis and genital herpes. There was Epstein-Barr virus present, indicating a previous mononucleosis infection. The case was reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) as doctors determined there was a “novel association” between the patient’s vulvar aphthous ulcer and the Pfizer injections.

This case suggests that vulvar aphthous ulcers may be precipitated by vaccination, however, further research is required to establish a causal relationship. Since 1980, approximately 80% of the 164 cases of genital ulceration reported to the VAERS have been associated with COVID-19 vaccination. A review of the VAERS, reveals 368 cases of oral aphthous ulcer and 126 cases of either genital, vaginal, vulval or vulvovaginal ulceration associated with COVID-19 vaccination. Of those involving the genitalia, 83 cases were associated with the Pfizer BioNTech (BNT162b2) vaccine.

The patient reported improvements in her condition after two weeks of both oral and topical remedies. But she still suffered from painful urination and sensitivity in the affected area. Read the full study here.

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